Why build a better booth?

We’ve all been there - wishing for a silent place to take a call. We’ve hidden in hallways, taken calls in our parked car and even risked frozen hands in winter, all while repeating a simple two word mantra: quiet, please.

Workplace privacy is a growing problem, and the phone booths we found are too expensive and really (really) poorly designed. Our first product SOTO puts user experience first, improves focus and makes work life more pleasant.


Terre Charred.jpg

SOTO Forest.jpg

What’s in a name?

Terre is derived from the French pied-à-terre. Literally meaning “foot on the ground”, it also refers to a quant, beautiful, second home often used as a respite in cities. Terre is also a focus on the sustainability focus of our work.

SOTO a major division of Japanese Zen Buddhism. SOTO is also a Japanese word meaning outside. We felt that the juxtaposition of mental calm and outdoor nature reflects our intention in creating a beautiful, calming place to work.




Our Founders

What does it take to build a better booth? Our founders Daniel Husserl + Troy Good started with a combined 25 years of experience in the office furniture industry and mixed in endless tenacity and a strong creative vision.

What began with a drive to build a better single privacy booth, has grown into a mission ensuring people can easily access calming and quiet spaces in an increasingly chaotic world. Keep an eye out, as this is only the beginning.

Welcome to Terre