Sustainable, Sound Proof Office Phone Booths and Privacy Booths
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Introducing the first American designed, sustainably built, high quality, code compliant, height adjustable, well priced, sound secure, easily assembled privacy phone booth for the workplace…and hotels and airports and…




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Everything, better


Offices can be overwhelming and unproductive, and high commercial real estate cost means privacy come at a premium. We designed a space from the ground up that helps your team think, create and focus better.

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Features and more

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Soundless Space

Imagine a workplace where you hear only your own thoughts. SOTO was designed with input from leading acoustical engineers to ensure that everything except you disappears. While noise in a typical office is about 60db, you hear at most 10db of noise within the 50-250 Hertz vocal range within SOTO. Finally, you’ll hear the sound of silence (along with the odd fire alarm…which is a good thing).


Beyond Sustainable

Terre is built on the principles of people, planet and profit, and our goal is to leave the world a better place than we found it. We utilize 100% FSC certified American hardwoods, 100% recycled acoustical materials, 95% Recycled Steel and eco-friendly fabrics. At the end of its life, SOTO is also 98% recyclable. We only use glues, materials and finishes that have ultra-low VOC and formaldehyde levels so you can breathe easy.

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Safety First

SOTO is the first fully code compliant privacy phone booth in the world.  You shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your team or be concerned that plans will rejected by the building department. We’ve worked with leading building inspectors to ensure we exceed the strictest fire safety, seismic and building codes - including interior height rules. Additionally, all of our electrical components are code compliant and UL Listed.


Control Center

We’ve designed SOTO so that you have complete control over your environment. Our elegant control center allows you to dim overhead lighting, increase air flow, move the height adjustable desk and turn on a vanity face light for video calls. We’ve also built in a convenient glass white board with magnetic surround so you can flush out creative concepts. SOTO also has a built-in door closer to ensure sound proofing.

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